Soft Starters


What are Softstarters?

A soft starter is a piece of supplementary equipment that may be incorporated into a standard AC electric motor for the purpose of employing a different startup approach. This gadget's aim is to ease the stress placed on the motor during the typical power-up phase.

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A soft starter from ABB offers you several values and benefits. Whether you are a consultant, OEM, panel builder, or end-user, A soft starter will add to your business value by securing motor reliability, improving installation efficiency, and increasing application productivity.

ABB soft starters help increase your motor's lifetime by protecting it from electrical stress. Starting currents are easily optimized to your load, application, and motor size. Over ten motor protection features are included to keep your motor safe from different load and network irregularities.

ABB's soft starters protect motors from electrical stresses and extend their lifespans. They do so by allowing you to customize starting currents, which are put a strain on the machine with conventional starting methods.

Your motor is secure in the hands of your machine, thanks to many built-in protection systems. Soft starters from ABB are also easy to install and use, lowering installation time as well as decreasing assembly and startup time.

A single Softstarter contains all of the features needed to start a motor, from bypass contactors to overload protection, making it compact and efficient. Furthermore, ABB's soft starters will assist you in increasing production by providing various application-specific functions. Extra features such as torque control, pump cleaning, and more will allow you to do more than soft starting.

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Benefits of ABB Softstarter

● Secure motor reliability

● Improve installation efficiency

● Increase application productivity.

Main features of ABB Softstarter

● They cover motor applications from 3 A to 1250 A

● Quick and easy to install and setup

● Detachable keypad rated IP66 (Type 1, 4X,12)

● Built-in bypass for energy saving and easy installation

● Graphical display with 17 languages for easy setup and operation

● Built-in Modbus RTU for monitoring and control

● Coated PCB protecting from dust, a moist and corrosive atmosphere.

● Torque control functions the absolutely best possible stop of pumps without water hammering and pressure surges.

● Softstarter programming software is free.

ABB Softstarter Ranges available

● PSTX - The advanced range

● PSE - The efficient range

● PSR - The compact range.

Fast Moving ABB Soft Starters

ABB Softstarter 12 A 5.5 kw PSR12-600-70 – 1SFA896106R7000

ABB Softstarter 16 A 7.5 kw PSR16-600-70 – 1SFA896107R7000

ABB Softstarter 30 A 15 kw PSR30-600-70 – 1SFA896109R7000

ABB Softstarter 72 A 37 kw PSR72-600-70 – 1SFA896113R7000

ABB Softstarter 85 A 45 kw PSR85-600-70 – 1SFA896114R7000

ABB Softstarter 105 A 55 kw PSR105-600-70 – 1SFA896115R7000

ABB Softstarter 720 A 400 kw PSTX720-600-70 – 1SFA898118R7000

ABB Softstarter 570 A 315 kw PSTX570-600-70 – 1SFA898117R7000

ABB Softstarter 470 A 250 kw PSTX470-600-70 – 1SFA898116R7000

ABB Softstarter 370 A 200 kw PSTX370-600-70 – 1SFA898115R7000

ABB Softstarter 300 A 160 kw PSTX300-600-70 – 1SFA898114R7000

ABB Softstarter 250 A 132 kw PSTX250-600-70 – 1SFA898113R7000

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